At Arielle + Co. we use the finest leather and stitching materials in the world.  Our wallets are designed for individuals who want a minimal, front pocket wallet that has the resiliance and durability to withstand years of everyday use.  These factors drive our material selection, design, assembly and ultimately the products we decide to make available.  

Horween Leather

If you appreciate fine leather, or even have an interest in leather boots, bags, watch straps, etc., you may recognize the Horween name.  Located in Chicago, and tanning leather since 1905, Horween produces some of the finest leather in the world.  

We are partial to Horween Chromexcel (CXL) leathers because they are extremely resilient and develop a beautiful patina with use.  Within the CXL family, horsehide is our preferred material.  It is durable, abrasion resistant, and extremely strong.

Above all, Horween leathers allow us to make functional items that handle everyday use with confidence. If you would like to learn more about CXL, here is a great article from Horween.  

Hermann Oak Leather

We are big fans of vegtable tanned leather (aka veg tan).  It's beautiful new.  It's beautiful old.  It simply gets better with all the bumps and dents you can dish out.  

There's a lot of veg tan out there, but nobody does it as well as Hermann Oak.  Wether the outside or the inside, it's always a wonderful compliment.  


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